Documentation for wolproxypyapi module

Retrieve the path of the parent module to dynamically build the name of FastAPI app.


Provide information about the FastAPI app.


FastAPI application for the wolproxypy API.

This is the API module of the wolproxypy application. It is responsible for the routing of the requests. The root path is '/' redirects to the '/docs'. The path '/mac' invokes the wakeonlan core module.

root() async

Root path, termporarily redirected to doc.

It will display the web app login and main pages.

  • RedirectResponse – Redirect to the documentation.


Run the application.

send_wol_packet_mac(mac_address=Path(Ellipsis)) async

Invoke the module to send a Wake-On-Lan packet to a MAC address.

  • mac_address (str) – the MAC address to send the packet to.

  • Dict[str, str] – The status ('success' or 'failure') of the wake-on-lan packet.